Project Page for YeNom - Accounting tool on iOS.
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Project Page for YeNom - A cash recording utility on iOS.


It is a simple tool which records your daily spending.

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Root View:

  • Pull the table view down / up and hold a while (time interval can be changed in Settings - General - Delay Time) to open the record setting view for income / expenses;
  • 3D Touch on icon is available, you can add Income / Expense directly from home screen.

Keyboard for Record Amount Field:

  • Delete Backward: Swipe RIGHT on keyboard or text field;
  • Recover Backward: Swipe LEFT;
  • Calculation: Include simple calculation.

Tag View:

  • Show tags list by pressing the tag area below record amount field;
  • Show tags searching field by pressing the tag area again in tags list view;
  • Press zero count tag's "+" button can convert the tag into category, and you can select tags for this category;
  • In Settings - General - Tag Chain, you can set chain tags;
  • Tags summary report can be found by pressing Pie Chart in report view.


  • By pressing records month section, you can get report for related month, swipe up / down to swich to next / previous month;
  • For the report in main menu, you can view reports in expected date range.

Data Management:

  • Settings - LDM - Import: You can import data from CSV via API (will add more doc about it in the future);
  • Settings - LDM - Export: You can export local data as CSV or PDF;
  • Settings - Data Sync - Synchronization: You can use iCloud sync for multiple devices sync, sync history will be available when it's ON;
  • Photos are stored in Album named "YeNom".

Change Log

Migrated to VersionHistory-iOS.


Please email your comments, suggestions and questions to Or you can just post a bug report or a feature request HERE.

Thank you! :)