Read out a Bayer Contour USB Next ® glucose meter with Linux
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Important safety information

This program is experimental software, not developed or supported by Bayer. It might damage your meter or render it unreliable. Use this software at your own risk. You have been warned!


This project is done because I never found an application to read data from a Bayer Contour USB Next ® glucose meter running on a current Linux supporting a GUI. Most stuff I found was more or less experimental or done not using my favorite programming language : C.

So in mid 2012 I decided to do it by myself.

More information in German language can be found on my webpage


This application is not implemented yet!

It should be a GUI to the work that is developed with glucotux-cli.


This is the playground to test the code for handling a connection to a Bayer Contour USB Next ® glucose meter and to read out and display the data in a human readable way.

glucotux-cli uses the "Data Transfer Mode" of "ASTM Standard E 1394-91". So it reads out all available data records.

The output file holds all result records each in one line. The data is blank separated and read like this example.

201707210848  181 mg/dL  N   Glucose  R    17
value meaning comment
201706141312 time stamp YYYYMMDDhhmm
154 result see explanation below the table
mg/dL unit
B user mark 'B' before meal, 'A' after meal, 'F' fasting, 'N' none (for Glucose only), 'O' for Carb and Insulin
Glucose result type 'Glucose', 'Carb', 'Insulin'
R record type 'H' header, 'P' not used, 'R' clinical result
23 record number starts with '1' and may run up to '2000'


  • Glucose
    • number of units given with 'unit'
  • Carb
    • number of units given by unit code (see below)
  • Insulin
    • tenth of units (international 'U', german 'IE' or 'I.E.')


Unit texts ginen in German !

  • Glucose
    • 'mmg/dl'
    • 'mmol'
  • Carb
    • '1' : Gramm
    • '2' : BE
    • '3' : KE
  • Insulin
    • '1' : schnell wirksames Insulin
    • '2' : langsam wirksames Insulin
    • '3' : Mischinsulin


  • Bayer Contour USB Next ®
  • Xubuntu 17.10 with kernel 4.13.0-36
  • 64 bit x86 PC
  • GNU Make 4.1
  • gcc version 7.2.0
  • libgtk-3-dev
  • atom 1.24.0
  • Coding style
    • intending with four spaces / no tabs!
    • single line comments beginning with '//' (C++ style)


In this direcetory simply call

$ make

To remove all objects and binaries call

$ make clean

If you don't the want buid in debugging code you should comment out the first CCFLAGS line in Makefile an use the second one :



$ bin/glucotux-cli -h

"Glucotux CLI version V0.03", (c) Uwe Jantzen (Klabautermann-Software) Apr 16 2018

        bin/glucotux-cli [options] [-o <filename>]
        -o <filename> file to put the data in,
                      if not set data is printed to screen
        -v            enable verbose mode
        -d            enable debug mode
        -h            show this help then stop without doing anything more

To get connection to a Bayer Contour USB Next ® device you must run the application with superuser permissions.

It is required that you run the application FIRST and then attach the Bayer Contour USB Next ® device to a USB port.

$ sudo bin/glucotux-cli -o 180307.dat

"Glucotux CLI version V0.03", (c) Uwe Jantzen (Klabautermann-Software) Apr 16 2018

Glucotux CLI finished

If you do not as this you will get the following error message :

$ sudo bin/glucotux-cli -o 180307.dat

"Glucotux CLI version V0.03", (c) Uwe Jantzen (Klabautermann-Software) Apr 16 2018

Communication can't be established if Contour device is just attached!
Please remove the Contour device and wait some seconds.
Then FIRST start the program and SECOND attach the Contour device.

What's Planned

Topics that I have on my to do list you may find here.


This code is not forked but depends largely on the work of Steve Sloan (CodeMonkeySteve) contour-glucose and the fork of it done by pietrasagh contour-glucose.