Minify files with UglifyJS
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gulp-uglify Build Status

Minify JavaScript with UglifyJS2.


Install package with NPM and add it to your development dependencies:

npm install --save-dev gulp-uglify


var uglify = require('gulp-uglify');

gulp.task('compress', function() {
  return gulp.src('lib/*.js')


  • mangle

    Pass false to skip mangling names.

  • output

    Pass an object if you wish to specify additional output options. The defaults are optimized for best compression.

  • compress

    Pass an object to specify custom compressor options. Pass false to skip compression completely.

  • preserveComments

    A convenience option for options.output.comments. Defaults to preserving no comments.

    • all

      Preserve all comments in code blocks

    • some

      Preserve comments that start with a bang (!) or include a Closure Compiler directive (@preserve, @license, @cc_on)

    • function

      Specify your own comment preservation function. You will be passed the current node and the current comment and are expected to return either true or false.

You can also pass the uglify function any of the options listed here to modify UglifyJS's behavior.


gulp-uglify emits an 'error' event if it is unable to minify a specific file. Wherever popssible, the PluginError object will contain the following properties:

  • fileName
  • lineNumber
  • message

To handle errors across your entire pipeline, see the gulp documentation.