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Inbox2 desktop client

inbox2 desktop

This is the source-code for the Inbox2 desktop client. One day I will write a better readme file, but for now fork it, fix it and send pull requests.

For an overview of the client (back when we did a public commercial launch, old stuff), check out these links:

More is available on our press page:

Whatever, I just want the download

Here it is:

Its still a bit buggy here and there but that is what this GitHub page is for. Submit bug reports and if you happen to know your c#; fork it, fix it and send pull requests :-)

Why Inbox2

  • Looks better then anything else out there
  • Aggregates messages from email accounts + social networking accounts
  • Shows updates from your friend on social networks in a side bar

Why open-source?

Check out the announcement on hackernews with my comments (waseem)

Mad props

How to build this thing

  • Open the Code\Inbox2 Client Only.sln solution
  • Open the Configuration Manager (under the debug dropdown, choose Configuration Manager...)
  • Under the "Active solution platform" dropdown choose x86
  • Hit menu Build->Build Solution

This builds the client for x86. Since we use a couple of native libraries we need to do it like this. There is also a solution available for doing an x64 build but that one is a bit behind, will be fixed soon.

Data folder

Your data folder can be found under the windows roaming folder, for example under Windows 7 for me that is.


Throwing away this folder resets everything for a fresh start

Preconfigured channels

If you need to setup the same times often, create a file in the root of your C drive called PreChannels.xml. Its contents look like this:

	<channel name="GMail" username="" password="mysecretpassword" />
	<channel name="Exchange" hostname="" username="waseem" password="mysecretpassword" />

Now everytime you open the setup these channels will be prefilled and you only need to hit the add button.

What about a mac version?

Maybe some day, if you are an objective-c/c/c++/cocoa wizard and you want to take this up, ping me.


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