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Pocket Bus

MIT Licenced Platform

Pocket Bus brings together Föli™ buses and Föli™ bikes in one app!

Get it on Google Play


  • Real-time bus tracking: Track your bus in real-time and observe when it arrives at your stop.
  • Bus routes: Watch and track all Föli™ routes with ease.
  • City bikes: Monitor the city bikes' availability per docking station in real-time.
  • Favorites: Favorite the bus and bike stops that you frequently use for easier access.
  • Notifications: Thanks to the prompt alert notifications that the Pocket Bus app provides you'll never have to worry about missing your bus again.
  • Address search: Find your stops and bike stations swiftly via the search option.
  • Map types: Toggle between normal & satellite modes.
  • Location: Have the app launch from your current location or from central Turku as per your preference.
  • Multilingual: Finnish & English
  • Themes: Black, dark & light


Pocket Bus is developed using Android Studio, which offers a complete, integrated IDE experience for Flutter.

Currently Android platform is supported.

If you want to improve Pocket bus, you can build the app locally and debug any issues.

Step 1

  • Option 1

    • 🍴 Fork this repo!
  • Option 2

    • ⚡ Clone this repo to your local machine using

Step 2

  • Update API Keys 🔑
    • Create file called api.keys into project root


Step 3

  • Do some coding magic 🧙

Step 4


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