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Source code from my live demo @Erlang Factory Light Munich 2011.
Erlang Shell
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This is a simple cache for Erlang implemented as an OTP gen_server. Keys and values can be any Erlang term.

Each cache instance can be configured with the following parameters:

  • {name, atom()} - name of the cache process. Default is 'term_cache'.
  • {size, int()} - maximum size (number of items). Default is 100.
  • {policy, lru | mru} - cache entry replacement policy. Default is 'lru'.
  • {ttl, int()} - the Time To Live (TTL) for cache entries. If an entry is not accessed within this time period, it will be purged from the cache. Default is 0 (no TTL).

usage example

{ok, Cache} = term_cache:start_link([{name, foobar}, {size, 3}, {policy, lru}]),
ok = term_cache:put(Cache, key1, value1),
{ok, value1} = term_cache:get(Cache, key1),
ok = term_cache:put(Cache, <<"key_2">>, [1, 2, 3]),
{ok, [1, 2, 3]} = term_cache:get(Cache, <<"key_2">>),
ok = term_cache:put(Cache, {key, "3"}, {ok, 666}),
{ok, {ok, 666}} = term_cache:get(Cache, {key, "3"}),
ok = term_cache:put(Cache, "key4", "hello"),
{ok, "hello"} = term_cache:get(Cache, "key4"),
not_found = term_cache:get(Cache, key1),
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