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This GitHub repository is used for Klipper translations.

The main Klipper project is at

You can help translate the program at Hosted Weblate.

Translation status

Temporary Contacts and Documentation Entry

If you are a translator, create a pull request to update the with your language-specific community contact info before the translated documentation is merged into the main repository. The community contact serves as a way for getting feedback. Please make sure it's Klipper related and that it follows this format:

This is very early beta documentation!

Traditional Chinese 繁體中文

狀態:進行中(Last updated 2022-02-24)


Simplified Chinese 简体中文


状态:需要更新(Last updated 2023-10-17)



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German Deutsche

Dies ist eine sehr einfache Beta-Dokumentation!

Status: In Bearbeitung(Last updated ???)

Klipper Deutsches Dokument

Turkish Türk

Bu çok kolay Beta Belgeleri!

Status: Devam etmekte(Last updated ???)

Klipper Türk Dili

Spanish Español

¡Esta es una documentación muy fácil de Beta!

Status: En curso(Last updated ???)

Documento de idioma español y Klipper

Norwegian Norsk bokmål

Dette er veldig enkel Beta-dokumentasjon!

Status: Underveis (Last updated ???)

Klipper på bokmål


Il s'agit d'une documentation en beta encore très jeune !

Status : En cours (Last updated ???)

Documentation française de Klipper

Republic of Korea 한국어

이것은 베타문서 입니다!

Status : 진행중 (Last updated ???)

Klipper 한국어 문서

Klipper is Free Software. See the license or read the documentation. We depend on the generous support from our sponsors.