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Releases: Klocman/Bulk-Crap-Uninstaller

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.8

11 May 21:11
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What's Changed


  • Add "Junk" removal switch to BCU-Console by @nixuno in #581
  • Hide main window when mouse-dragging to target an application by @Klocman in #609
  • Ignore BCU itself when mouse-dragging to target an application by @Klocman in #610


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v5.7...v5.8

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.7

28 Sep 22:00
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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v5.6...v5.7

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.6

21 May 00:24
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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v5.5...v5.6

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.5

04 Mar 23:56
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What's Changed

  • Fix typo GenerateMissingInformation by @davidxuang in #403
  • Update Scoop support by @davidxuang in #402
  • More Dutch translation improvements. by @NekoJonez in #433
  • Update copyright by @vedantmgoyal2009 in #456
  • Publish to WinGet by @vedantmgoyal2009 in #455
  • 1144578 Added "Double click in application list action" setting under Interface
  • 4494080 Added ARM64 platform support to installer
  • 61d5def Look for Steam App leftovers in some of Steam's temp folders
  • 7f15b81 Fixed "Clear cache" button not being visible in some languages
  • d72788b Fixed window targeting crashing if BCU runs as 32bit but targeted process is 64bit
  • cc4b517 Fixed rare OutOfRange crash in first start wizard
  • beee03a Fixed crash during junk scan on some corrupted/malformed uninstaller data in registry
  • b9f06b5 Fixed crash when trying to Rename but nothing is checked on the list
  • be95b88 Fixed list refresh crash after Scoop or Steam was uninstalled, or one of BCU's uninstall helper apps was removed
  • 9c7b8a5 Fixed startup crash on systems with no accessible network interfaces
  • 4d348c7 Fixed CreateHandle crash when uninstall progress window is closed at a bad time
  • 9151595 Fixed list refresh crash after uninstalling Chocolatey
  • 3e92322 Fixed InvalidOperationException startup crash on systems with unusual DPI
  • 67922bc Fixed cached uninstall string being used instead of the latest uninstall string in some cases
  • 0d21e69 Fixed Steam apps not being listed if any app has "error" in its name
  • a42667c Fixed launcher not working in very deep folder paths

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v5.4...v5.5

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.4

10 Aug 08:28
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What's Changed

  • Add italian language items by @bovirus in #373
  • Update italian language by @bovirus in #376
  • Update italian language - Small review by @bovirus in #377
  • Minor fix to Chinese translation by @CCRcmcpe in #380
  • Bump Newtonsoft.Json from 11.0.2 to 13.0.1 in /source/OculusHelper by @dependabot in #386
  • Dutch translation improvements by @NekoJonez in #395
  • Added a simplified class diagram with comments for people looking to contribute by @Klocman in #398
  • de1ad1c Move BCU up to .NET 6.0 (there should be no change to OS compatibility, and some UI bugs should be fixed)
  • 5446f2a Move the launcher up to latest SDK (there should be no change to OS compatibility)
  • a662898 Show the command of RunProcessJunk in the junk list
  • c5943ef Fixing random warnings; Added more null checks and logging; Minor fixes
  • 2b91078 Speed up gathering Steam Apps over 30x
  • 847b1a9 Added new command list /info to SteamHelper
  • aed060b Fixed Steam Apps appearing duplicated in some cases
  • 052719c Fixed minor issues in ObjectListView (thanks to @GermanAizek in #378)
  • 07cb9a6 Fixed VersionCleaner not working (thanks to @GermanAizek in #378)
  • 1528c2c Guard against invalid EstimatedSize values
  • eee57a8 Fixed PathsEqual crashing on invalid characters in folder names
  • b14b3fb Move DPI and colorblind settings under Interface tab; Remove "Experimental" from the DPI setting
  • aa5b441 Enable DPI awareness by default
  • 0ff1151 Adjust UI for high DPI scenarios

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v5.3...v5.4

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.3

20 May 14:25
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What's Changed

  • Remove unnecessary UpdateHelper link from solution by @Klocman in d80d20f
  • Fixed an issue with starting Scoop on some systems by @Klocman in 7cf6946
  • Renamed the "Nuke application" function to "Target application" by @Wallby in #370
  • Tweak search rules in subdirectories to find more unregistered apps by @Klocman in fa0097f
  • Improve display names of some applications by @Klocman in 54f6973
  • Improved detection of app bitness; Small search speedup by @Klocman in 3321a93
  • Fixed CoIncrementMTAUsage crash on some systems by @Klocman in a32dbf6
  • Fixed crash when getting services on some systems by @Klocman in c551065
  • Reduce size of the Uninstall Wizard window and make it resizable by @Klocman in 01a9b4e
  • Implemented list command in CLI by @zbalkan in #369
  • Added quiet and unattended cases in QueryApps by @zbalkan in #354
  • Changed UninstallTools logging to use Trace instead of Console; Improved some log messages by @Klocman in c962f01
  • Fixed typo in Polish translation by @Klocman in 5905594
  • Fixed Steam apps being listed twice in some cases by @Klocman in 342a9f6

Full Changelog: v5.2...v5.3

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.2

07 Feb 17:34
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Bugfix release.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v5.1...v5.2

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.1

11 Jul 21:22
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Bugfix release with updated translations. For more details check the v5.0 release notes.


  • Merged Russian Translation update by @Kommprog (#292)
  • Merged Simplified Chinese translation by @cc713 (#295)
  • Fixed launcher crashing on some systems - don't depend on vc_redist (Fixes #291)
  • Fixed SteamHelper not finding custom library folders after recent Steam update (Fixes #299)
  • Prevent special system and user folders from being marked as junk (Fixes #297)
  • Improved logging of Attempt errors
  • Improved launcher error message boxes

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v5.0

12 May 14:49
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Starting with this release, BCU will need Windows 7 or newer to run (if you get an error on startup in 7 / 2018R2 then try running Windows Update). If you want to use BCUninstaller on Vista or older, download the latest available 4.x release. This is because BCUninstaller is now fully in .NET 5.

The move was long overdue and finally got forced by GitHub switching to a new SSL encryption standard that is not supported by .NET 3.5, making it impossible to check for updates.

Because of being in .NET 5, BCUninstaller no longer is restricted to using only old and outdated libraries and APIs (it was stuck on .NET 3.5 before for backwards compatibility). This introduces some major improvements but also some drawbacks, most notably:

  • Since it's a very new framework it's not installed on many systems, but thankfully it's now possible to compile the application as "stand-alone", which means it includes everything needed to run, even if your system doesn't have .NET installed at all (no more prompts to install .NET Framework).
  • This stand-alone compilation is why the file size increased drastically - a good chunk of the framework is now bundled with BCU.
  • Thanks to the stand-alone compilation and the new runtime BCU now starts and runs faster (might be hard to notice without a fast SSD).
  • The stand-alone compilation forced me to include separate x64 and x86 builds. This can be fixed in the future by having only a x86 build, but a lot of code handling registy will have to be updated for that to work properly. Only the correct build for your system will be installed.
  • The portable version will have both builds and a launcher that will automatically start the correct version of BCU. You can remove the x86 build if you only service x64 systems and vice-versa to save some space.


  • Converted to .NET 5, set up a new build pipeline
  • Added "Put PC to sleep when done" checkbox to the uninstallation progress window
  • Added "Tools > Create restore point" menu item
  • Added experimental DPI-aware mode (turn on in Settings > Misc, expect interface to look weird in some places) #226
  • Added option to never show post-update news popup (new check box in the said window)
  • Added switch to directly open Startup Manger #284
  • Changed file structure to make the root BCUninstaller directory cleaner
  • Changed system restore into a setting, if enabled then automatically run at start of uninstall #265
  • Cleaned up localized resources from unnecessary data
  • Clear caches after updating to a new version
  • Improved scoop output parsing to be more resilient #252
  • Fixed BCU shortcuts being detected as junk #262
  • Fixed checking for updates not working
  • Fixed GetChildProcesses not working on some systems
  • Fixed ManagementObjectSearcher exception if installed .NET is an ancient version
  • Fixed first start wizard being shown on top of additional settings window
  • Fixed marking config as corrupted too aggressively
  • Fixed normalizing filesystem paths improperly
  • Fixed not resetting config properly
  • Fixed some settings not using the right provider or not being roaming (settings got lost when updating)
  • Fixed sorting by size showing groups in wrong order #281
  • Fixed window title typo #269
  • Removed donate button from the status bar
  • Show open/save .bcul text in advanced filters toolbar
  • Updated manual with a better explanation of .bcul files #273
  • Updated uninstallation manual #211
  • Include all necessary projects in this repository, can now compile BCU easily from VS 2019
  • Use a new automation library

⚠️ Looking for maintainers ⚠️

Bulk Crap Uninstaller v4.16

26 Jan 15:26
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  • Added HeapLeakDetection junk scanner (#205)
  • Added junk scanner for prefetch files (#229)
  • Added logging for how long processes spawned by uninstaller factories run (#248)
  • Refactored uninstaller factories to be easier to debug and slightly faster; Added logging of factory completion times
  • Show ROT13 paths in readable form in junk results (#245)
  • Fixed crash in ComScanner with invalid application installation paths
  • Improved accuracy of some registry junk scanners that compare to application's installation path
  • Fixed index out of range crash in ComScanner
  • Fixed the "junk backup failed" dialog extending beyond the screen making it impossible to progress (#246); Added extra logging for junk backup failed errors
  • Updated task scheduler library to the latest version
  • Use a new code signing certificate

Edit 12/05/2021: Reuploaded the release signed with new signature.

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