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@Klocman Klocman released this Jan 26, 2020 · 4 commits to master since this release


  • Added HeapLeakDetection junk scanner (#205)
  • Added junk scanner for prefetch files (#229)
  • Added logging for how long processes spawned by uninstaller factories run (#248)
  • Refactored uninstaller factories to be easier to debug and slightly faster; Added logging of factory completion times
  • Show ROT13 paths in readable form in junk results (#245)
  • Fixed crash in ComScanner with invalid application installation paths
  • Improved accuracy of some registry junk scanners that compare to application's installation path
  • Fixed index out of range crash in ComScanner
  • Fixed the "junk backup failed" dialog extending beyond the screen making it impossible to progress (#246); Added extra logging for junk backup failed errors
  • Updated task scheduler library to the latest version
  • Use a new code signing certificate

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