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-[jQuery Tools]( - The Missing UI library for the Web
+Klortho fork of [jQuery Tools]( - The Missing UI library for the Web
-jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user-interface components for modern websites. Used by large sites all over the world.
-Please issue pull requests to the [dev branch](
-This is where active development takes place, we then merge changes into master for releases. That will become v1.2.6.
-Most of the development goes to 2.0 which is currently a private repository.
+This repo is forked form [Patrick64/jquerytools](,
+who forked from [jquerytools/jquerytools](
+Patrick64 added support for touch devices to the rangeinput component. I tweaked
+that to make it work better on the Android browser, and also added two new API methods:
+* setMax(max) - set a new maximum value, dynamically updating the handle position
+* setRange(min, max, val) - change any combination of min, max, or value. If any
+ of these arguments is *undefined*, then that value will not be changed.

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