Sample TICKscripts for use with the Kloudless Enterprise Appliance
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Sample TICKscripts for use with the Kloudless Enterprise Appliance. For more reference scripts that are meant to work with the data collected by Telegraf, please refer to the Kapacitor repository


All of these scripts default to referencing the telegraf database and two_weeks retention policy that are configured by default on the Kloudless Enterprise Appliance. These can be easily modified according to the needs of your deployment. By default the scripts output alerts to the Chronograf alert series and to a log file /tmp/alerts.log. Additional actions can be added to the .alert clause. The measurements referenced here are also show without their prefix, so that would need to be added if it is in use.

Loading Scripts

In order to load any of the scripts from this repository, they should be copied to the host running Kapacitor. The following command can be used to load the script:

kapacitor define <TASK_NAME> -tick /PATH/TO/SCRIPT.tick