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Make static 'enhance' method non-abstract and fatal.

closes #1
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commit 0d048b09438f0468abaec2ca2d8830afa437a88c 1 parent b0f3dc6
clockworkgeek clockworkgeek authored
Showing with 6 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +6 −1 Knectar/Select/Entity.php
7 Knectar/Select/Entity.php
@@ -129,13 +129,18 @@ public function joinAttribute($tableAlias, $entity, $attribute, $key, $storeKey=
* );
* </code>
+ * @abstract
* @param Varien_Db_Select $select Owning query object, usually retrieved by <code>$collection->getSelect()</code>
* @param string $tableName Requested name of sub-query, must not yet exist in {$select}.
* @param string $condition On clause of join statement
* @param array $columns Names of desired sub-query columns, or associative array to map them to new names, or NULL for all defaults.
* @param string $type See {Zend_Db_Select::*_JOIN}
- public abstract static function enhance(Varien_Db_Select $select, $tableName, $condition, $columns = null, $type = self::LEFT_JOIN);
+ public static function enhance(Varien_Db_Select $select, $tableName, $condition, $columns = null, $type = self::LEFT_JOIN)
+ {
+ // Descendents MUST override this method
+ die;
+ }
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