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package govaluate
import (
Holds a series of "transactions" which represent each token as it is output by an outputter (such as ToSQLQuery()).
Some outputs (such as SQL) require a function call or non-c-like syntax to represent an expression.
To accomplish this, this struct keeps track of each translated token as it is output, and can return and rollback those transactions.
type expressionOutputStream struct {
transactions []string
func (this *expressionOutputStream) add(transaction string) {
this.transactions = append(this.transactions, transaction)
func (this *expressionOutputStream) rollback() string {
index := len(this.transactions) - 1
ret := this.transactions[index]
this.transactions = this.transactions[:index]
return ret
func (this *expressionOutputStream) createString(delimiter string) string {
var retBuffer bytes.Buffer
var transaction string
penultimate := len(this.transactions) - 1
for i := 0; i < penultimate; i++ {
transaction = this.transactions[i]
return retBuffer.String()
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