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Turn all your awful blocking javascript analytics into clean, centralized asynchronous code.

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Gatling Analytics

Version: 0.1.5

License: Dual licensed under:

Author: Eric Garside

Size: 2.9K Closure Compiled, 12K Source


Provides a framework for using non-asynchronous tracking pixles asynchronously. Using gatling, almost any third party blocking tracking pixel can be reliably fired after the DomReady event, meaning that you can implement as many trackers as you need without it impacting the performance of your webpages. It is recommended you use this plugin with jQuery 1.4.2

Browser Support

IE6+, WebKit Browsers (Safari, Chrome), Firefox 2+

Simple Example

Check the “example.html” file for a quick example.


Check out the Gatling Wiki


Version 0.1

  • Initial Release
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