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A census of those participating in Hacktoberfest (and an easy PR!)
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Hacktoberfest Census

A census of those participating in Hacktoberfest (and an easy PR!)

This census has a live webpage here. It's automatically updated every time a PR is accepted!


A Short Letter to Contributors

Hi All, old or new Hacktoberfest contributors!

This repository was initially created for the 2017 Hacktoberfest as a half joke, half serious census. Given that I've seen over a hundred new pull requests in the last 2 days alone, I guess you guys want to use it this year as well!

Until I get around to implementing a bot, don't expect the census to be updated in any meaningful way. However a PR doesn't need to be accepted to count for Hacktoberfest so that's fine.

I would encourage everyone who participates in this project to not count it as one of your five Open Source contributions, due to it's simplistic nature, although obviously I can't stop you.

Have a great Hacktoberfest ya'll and happy hacking!

  • Cutwell, 2018


Fork this project and add your username + profile link to the Census list below, then make a pull request to add your name to this repository like so:



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