Isometric library for the LÖVE game engine.
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ISO is an isometric library for LÖVE, a game engine written for Lua. It's used to simplify the creation of isometric games through a variety of objects it provides. The love.iso table is used to house all of the objects that can be used. This project is no where near ready for primetime, so I'd really like to get pull requests from you!


  • Object Oriented library for ease of use.
  • Stage for interfacing with the display.
  • Controller for keeping track of keystrokes.
  • Camera for moving the point of view.
  • Support for simple generation of isometric maps.
  • Support for the TMX datatype.
  • Simple collision detection.
  • Sprite movement and animation.


  1. Clone down the repository into the root of your project, git clone
  2. Init the submodules, cd ISO && git submodule init.
  3. Update the submodules, git submodule update.
  4. Require "ISO" from main, require "ISO".

All the documentation can be found on the Wiki.


ISO is under the zlib licensed (same as LÖVE itself).