A feature-full Lua IRC bot.
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A feature-full Lua IRC bot.


Just clone it!

$ git clone git://github.com/Camoy/jarvis.git

There are some dependencies that we suggest you install via LuaRocks. Trust us, it's easier.

$ # run these as root for proper install
$ luarocks install luasocket
$ luarocks install luajson
$ luarocks install luafilesystem

LuaIRC isn't a rock (sadfaic), but can be installed like so:

$ # remember to run make install as root
$ git clone git://github.com/doy/luairc.git && cd luairc && make install


Run the main.lua file inside of the root folder.

$ lua main.lua


Commands can be written in any language and are included in the commands folder. Remember to set the file to executable (chmod 755 command) or else jarvis won't be able to run it. As soon as a command is in that folder, it can be used by jarvis without a restart. Passed to that executable is first the username who owns the message and second is the message itself.

The Jarvis configuration file is config.json. You need to get an API key from developer.wolframalpha.com to and add it to be able to use the Wolframalpha on Jarvis.

The passive.lua file returns a table where the keys are string patterns to be looked for when a user types something, and the value is a function whose return value should be something that jarvis says. Passed to that function as arguments are the username and the message itself.

Configuration File

Jarvis supports a JSON configuration file. The following example demonstrates use of all the available options and their possible values.

  "network": "irc.freenode.net",
  "prelude": "!",
  "log": true,

  "nick": "_jarvis",
  "channel": [ "##codelab" ],
  "admins": {
    "KnightMustard": 1,
    "dunsmoreb": 1,
    "camoy": 1,
    "Socks": 1

Once you have made your configuration file, go into main.lua and change the following line, line seven, to the location of your configuration file.

local CONFIG_FILE = nil


jarvis is under the zlib license.