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GitHub pages for KnightOS


If you would like to help make better, you can easily edit any page by clicking the "Edit this page" button. If you want to do more in-depth changes to, you can host a local copy on your system.

Hosting a local copy

If you do not have ruby installed on your system, you need to get it from here. After installing ruby, you will need to install the ruby gem jekyll by running

gem install jekyll

Be sure to also install NodeJS and Coffee-Script

npm install -g coffee-script

After installing the prerequisites, clone this repository and navigate to its root directory

git clone --recursive

Then, you can generate the site and start the local server by using

jekyll serve

Now, you can visit in your browser to see your local copy of Any changes that you make to the site source will automatically be updated when you refresh the page.

Help, Bugs, Feedback

If you need help with KnightOS, want to keep up with progress, chat with developers, or ask any other questions about KnightOS, you can hang out in the IRC channel: #knightos on

To report bugs, please create a GitHub issue or contact us on IRC.

If you'd like to contribute to the project, please see the contribution guidelines.