Google Calendar in GNOME Shell
Python Shell
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                         Google Calendar in GNOME Shell

    ~ What is it?
      A D-Bus service that fetches events from Google Calendar and makes them
      available for GNOME Shell to display.

    ~ What do I need?
      Python 2.6+ with the following modules:

    ~ Usage
      Run the daemon like so:
      You will be prompted for your Google Calendar email and password the
      first time, which will be stored safely in your keyring.
      Once logged in, events from all your calendars should appear in
      GNOME Shell's calendar.
    ~ Future
      Add settings GUI
      Add setup script
      Maybe use Gnome Online Application settings instead of keyring

    ~ Install
      Execute dpkg-buildpackage
      Then execute sudo dpkg -i ../gnome-shell-google-calendar_0.0.1_all.deb
      After installation start gnome-shell-google-calendar on the commandline 
      and enter your credentials (this is only required the fist time)
      Create a startup application entry for gnome-shell-google-calendar and
      have fun.