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MongoDB Index automation for Lithium
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li3_ensureindex allows you to define MongoDB indexes within your models, and ensure them on the server via a console command.


Get the library code:

$ cd /path/to/app/libraries
$ git clone

Make sure it's added on app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php:


Index Definition

To define your indexes inside your model, just add a static and public _indexes property, such as:

static public $_indexes = array(
    'indexname' =>  array(
        'keys' => array('somefield' => -1)

That's it. The 'indexname' key will be used as the index name in Mongo. Other options detault to these:

'unique' => false,
'dropDups' => false,
'background' => true,
'safe' => true,
'timeout' => 10000

And can be overwritten easily:

static public $_indexes = array(
    'indexname' =>  array(
        'keys' => array('somefield' => -1),
        'background' => false,

    'anotherindex' =>  array(
        'keys' => array('anotherfield' => -1, 'athirdfield' => 1),
        'unique' => true,
        'dropDups' => true,
        'safe' => false


Please note that MongoCollection::ensureIndex restrictions apply of course, as described in the docs.

Ensuring Indexes

This library comes with a console command to ensure the defined indexes. Ensuring all indexes defined for all models is as simple as:

li3 ensure-indexes

And will result in a detailed report of which indexes were created. Please note that existing indexes are not deleted from the collections.

It's also possible to limit the index ensure to a specific model by supplying it as a parameters:

li3 ensure-indexes --model=MyModel
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