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Knotx stack builder

Knot.x Stack

The Knot.x stack is Knot.x + Vert.x + common dependencies. That's the way you can obtain full instance of running Knot.x with all dependencies.

Structure of the stack is following

├── bin
│   └── knotx                     // shell script used to resolve and run knotx instance
├── conf                          // contains application and logger configuration files
│   ├── application.conf          // defines all modules that Knot.x instance is running, provides configuration for Knot.x Core and global variables for other config files
│   ├── bootstrap.json            // config retriever options, defines application configuration stores (e.g. points to `application.conf` - the main configuration)
│   ├── default-cluster.xml       // basic configuration of Knot.x instance cluster
│   ├── includes                  // additional modules configuration which are included in `application.conf`
│   │   ├── actionKnot.conf
│   │   ├── hbsKnot.conf
│   │   ├── httpRepo.conf
│   │   ├── server.conf
│   │   ├── serviceAdapter.conf
│   │   └── serviceKnot.conf
│   └── logback.xml          // logger configuration
├── knotx-stack.json         // stack descriptor, defines instance libraries and dependencies
├── lib                      // contains instance libraries and dependencies, instance classpath
│   ├── list of project dependency libraries
│   ├── ...


Simply run mvn clean package to build your version of Knot.x stack or simply use one from the latest release. Knot.x stack artifact is a ZIP file with the structure described above. To start playing with Knot.x stack unzip the archive.

Running Stack

From the root stack folder, execute:

bin/knotx run-knotx

to run the instance.

Resolving dependencies

To resolve all the dependencies defined in the knotx-stack.json execute from the root stack folder:

bin/knotx resolve

Debug resolver

Enable TRACE level logging on your logback.xml

<logger name="knotx-stack-resolver" level="TRACE"/>

Working with snapshots



To build docker images, you need docker 1.3+ and run mvn clean install It builds the 2 main images :

  • knotx base - the base image provisionning the knotx appplication (knotx/knotx)
  • knotx base alpine - the base image based on Java alpine image (knotx/knotx-alpine)

Examples of docker image usages are in

Pushing Docker image to Docker Hub

The images can be pushed to Docker Hub. Before, be sure you are in the knotx organisation on docker hub ( Then, add your credentials into ~/.m2/settings.xml:


Once done, in the knotx-docker project just launch:

mvn docker:push

WARNING: This is going to take a while.....