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Knot.x Stack

Knot.x Stack is a Knot.x distribution containing all dependencies, configuration files and running scripts. It does not require any external dependencies so it is used to build Knot.x Docker image.

Distribution structure

Structure of the stack is following

├── bin
|   ├── knotx                     // shell script used to run knotx instance
│   └── knotx.bat                 // Windows script used to run knotx instance                      
├── conf                          // contains application and logger configuration files
│   ├── application.conf          // defines / includes all modules that Knot.x instance is running
│   ├── bootstrap.json            // config retriever options, defines application configuration stores (e.g. points to `application.conf` - the main configuration)
│   ├── openapi.yaml              // Open API 3.0 configuration that is loaded via Knot.x HTTP Server
│   ├── server.conf               // Knot.x HTTP server configuration which is included in `application.conf`
│   ├── routes                    // server routes configurations 
│   │   ├── operations.conf       // defines handlers per Open API operation ids
│   │   └── handlers              // handlers configurations used in `operations.conf`
|   │   │   ├── fragmentsHandler.conf
|   │   │   └── httpRepoConnectorHandler.conf
│   ├── knots                     // Knot modules configurations which are included in `application.conf`
│   │   ├── templateEngineStack.conf
│   │   └── templateEngineKnot.conf
│   └── logback.xml          // logger configuration
├── lib                      // contains instance libraries and dependencies, instance classpath
│   ├── list of project dependency libraries
│   ├── ...


Simply run gradlew build to build your version of Knot.x stack or simply use one from the latest release. Knot.x stack artifact is a ZIP file (see the build/distributions folder) with the structure described above.

Knot.x developers support

To develop Knot.x stack and any of its dependencies locally do following steps:

  1. clone all Knot.x stack repositories into one directory (this will be a {KNOTX_ROOT}):
  1. create .composite-enabled file in the Knotx/knotx-stack
touch knotx-stack/.composite-enabled
  1. import knotx-stack project in IntelliJ as a Gradle project.

You should see after a while all the Knot.x stack projects in single Idea window. Congratulations! We now wait for your contribution :)

Note: You may use Knot.x aggregator that will do (1) and (2) steps for you.

Running Stack

To start playing with Knot.x stack unzip the archive. From the knotx-stack folder, execute:

bin/knotx run-knotx


bin/knotx.bat run-knotx

to run the instance.