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Non-WordPress Sandbox Site for testing
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Non-WordPress Sandbox

This repo is the starter project for Come check out the Let’s Build a Non-WordPress Sandbox lab, where you will build this project with Tonya as she explains each step.

You will use this plugin to build labs with us and test constructs in the Docx.


This plugin includes the following features:

  1. Composer - Dependency Manager for PHP
  2. Kint - Awesome package that helps you to debug - forget var_dump and print_r. You are going to love Kint.
  3. Whoops - Oh man, you will wonder why this isn't built into PHP. When an error occurs, this displayer replaces out the PHP orange table and gives you information you can actually use.


  1. Download it.
  2. Put into your Sites folder
  3. Extract it
  4. Go into the new folder
  5. Run composer install in terminal to bring in the dependencies and install Composer locally.

Installation from GitHub is as simple as cloning the repo onto your local machine. To clone the repo, do the following:

  1. Using PhpStorm, open your project and navigate to Sites. (Or open terminal and navigate there).
  2. Then type: git clone
  3. Go into the new folder
  4. Run composer install in terminal to bring in the dependencies and install Composer locally.

Updating to New Kint

If you have the old version of Kint, do the following:

  1. Change the dependency in your composer.json file to "kint-php/kint" : "^1.0",
  2. Run composer update in terminal or Git Bash to update all of the dependencies to the latest versions, including Kint.

That's it.


All feedback, bug reports, and pull requests are welcome.

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