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Ongoing improvements on a web interface to navigate and explore scientific repositories
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An important part of nowadays' scientific results are produced using computers. Research articles often include simulations, visualizations, tables or charts that have been produced by processing, reformatting, filtering and analyzing raw data. The steps and materials needed to generate these results can be captured and stored in repositories. However, browsing and reusing the contents of these repositories is often difficult due to the large amount of information related to the same experiment.

The goal of this project is to develop a web interface for helping navigating and exploring the contents of a repository containing scientific experiments. The group will have to explore the best way of presenting the existing information to users, depending of the level of detail demanded by the user. This includes features like:

  • Produce overviews of the experiments and their executions by using interactive visualizations to help browse the steps of an experiment or why a certain execution failed.
  • Text-based search, so users can easily access the contents of the repository.
  • Compare results belonging to several executions of an experiment (for instance, several visualizations of the execution of a simulation)
  • Explore the intermediate steps and results of an experiment to see how the data evolved (for example, how the data was filtered to produce a table)
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