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OntoSoft is a distributed semantic registry for scientific software. Software metadata is organized using the OntoSoft ontology along six dimensions that matter to scientists: identify software, understand and assess software, execute software, get support for the software, do research with the software, and update the software.

OntoSoft is a distributed registry where each site is owned and maintained by a community of interest, with a distributed semantic query capability that allows users to search across all sites. The registry has metadata crowdsourcing capabilities, supported through access control so that software authors can allow others to expand on specific metadata properties.

A live instance of the portal may be found here: http://www.ontosoft.org/portal/



  1. Java JDK 1.7+ (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html)
  2. Maven 2/3 (http://maven.apache.org/)
  3. Tomcat 7+ (http://tomcat.apache.org/)


  1. Clone OntoSoft Repository

  2. In terminal, move to general ontosoft folder and run the following commands: $ mvn clean $ mvn install This will create a ontosoft-server-[version].war file in server/target It will also create a ontosoft-client-[version].war file in client/target

  3. Move the war files to a Servlet container (Tomcat)

    • $ mv /path/to/ontosoft-server-.war /path/to/tomcat/webapps/ontosoft-server.war
    • $ mv /path/to/ontosoft-client-.war /path/to/tomcat/webapps/ontosoft-client.war
  4. Start tomcat

    • $ /path/to/tomcat/bin/startup.sh
  5. Open http://[your-server-name]:8080/ontosoft-server/vocabulary to check that the local repository server is working fine. It might take a little while to open it for the first time as it downloads vocabularies from the internet.

  6. Check $HOME/.ontosoft/server.properties file to see that server name is correctly identified

  7. Open http://[your-server-name]:8080/ontosoft-client to access the OntoSoft UI that connects with the local repository

  8. Customize the client by changing /path/to/tomcat/webapps/ontosoft-client/customise/config.js

  9. The default userid is "admin" with password "changeme!". Remember to change it :)

If the server does not work then try these: Check the title of the war files to ensure they match “ontosoft-server” and “ontosoft-client”. Change if necessary If the server name in “server.properties” does not match the name of the server war file, then change it. Make sure the url in the “config.js” file matches http://[your-server-name]:8080/ontosoft-server