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Wings 4.1-SNAPSHOT


  1. Java JDK 1.8+ (
  2. Maven 2/3 ( -- To install from source)
  3. Tomcat 7+ (
  4. Graphviz (
  5. Unix/OSX environment (The portal will run in Windows, but we don't have windows compatible domains right now)


Alternative A): Use our Docker image (you need to have Docker installed:

  • docker pull kcapd/wings-base
  • Or build it with additional software using our proposed Docker files.

See for additional instructions on running the Docker image.

Alternative B): Follow the steps below to install WINGS locally:

  1. Get war file. Choose from one of the options below: a. If installing from source. Download source from
  • mvn install (Do this if you are installing from source and don't already have a war file). If you find any encoding issues, try "export MAVEN_OPTS= -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" before the mvn command
  • This will create a wings-portal-.war file in portal/target b. Or, Download from
  1. Move the war file to a Servlet container (Tomcat) and rename to wings-portal.war
  • $ mv /path/to/wings-portal-.war /path/to/tomcat/webapps/wings-portal.war
  1. Setup an admin user in /path/to/tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml
  • Wings admin users need to have the "WingsUser" and "WingsAdmin" roles Example: (The following needs to go inside the <tomcat-users ..> Section.

<user name="adminUser" password="adminPassword" roles="WingsUser,WingsAdmin" />

  1. In /path/to/tomcat/conf/server.xml, add 'readonly="false"' to the UserDatabase Resource

<Resource name="UserDatabase" ... readonly="false"/>

  1. Add the following to the "Context" section

<ResourceLink name="users" global="UserDatabase" type="org.apache.catalina.UserDatabase" />

  1. Start tomcat

$ /path/to/tomcat/bin/

  1. Login to the server from http://:8080/wings-portal/login
  • Note: 8080 is the default Tomcat port, but this can be changed in server.xml
  1. After first Login, go to $HOME/.wings directory and open
  • Change /path/to/dot (graphviz) if it is set incorrectly
  • Check that the server name is set correctly
  • (Optional) Change any other settings if needed
  1. Manage users at http://:8080/wings-portal/users/common/list
  • From this UI, you can add or remove more users.
  1. To see a list of domains to download, please go to the "Manage Domains" interface
  • To Import a domain: From the "Manage Domains" interface, do the following:
  • Add -> Import Domain
  • Enter Domain Location: the url (or path) to the domain zip file
  • Note that some domains might require installation of infrastructure software on your server
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