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Instructions for integrating with Pegasus

Modifications to Wings

1. In the Wings POM, add the following module

2. In the Wings Portal POM, uncomment the part which says "Wings Pegasus Adapter"

3. Compile Wings. "mvn install".
	This should also compile Pegasus engine, and put appropriate jars in the Wings Portal

4. Put portal/target/wings-portal-<version>.war to the tomcat container

Modifications to Pegasus

1. Install Pegasus 4.6.x (https://pegasus.isi.edu)

Additions to Wings portal.properties

1. Add the following Pegasus engine configuration to the execution section. Modify the urls and paths according to your installation.

        engine =
            name = Pegasus;
            implementation = edu.isi.wings.execution.engine.api.impl.pegasus.PegasusExecutionEngine;
            type = BOTH;
            properties =
                pegasus =
                    home         = <PEGASUS_HOME>;
                    storage-dir  = <STORAGE_DIR>;
                    site-catalog = <SITE_CATALOG_FILE>;
                    site         = <SITE-1>,<SITE-2>,..,<SITE-N>;


    PEGASUS_HOME      - Location of Pegasus installation.
    STORAGE_DIR       - Directory where Pegasus submit directories will be created.
    SITE_CATALOG_FILE - sites.xml file describing the cluster where Pegasus jobs will execute.
                        Example: engines/pegasus/resources/sites.xml
    SITE              - Comma separated list of sites, where jobs can be executed, as defined in the SITE_CATALOG_FILE.


1. From the "Manage Domains" interface, change the domain execution engine to Pegasus