A TopShelf Exensions for using Knowvent to monitor your TopShelf Service.
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Topshelf Cloud Monitoring Using Knowvent

Knowvent Portal

Topshelf is a great platform for developers and providers requiring a simple solution to deploy your services. The Knowvent extension library takes the Topshelf project and makes it that much better.

###Start Monitoring your Topshelf software Today!

It is so easy there is no reason why you shouldn't be monitoring your TopShelf services. Best of all, it is free!

Knowvent is a cloud notification and heartbeat monitoring service. This extension will enable cloud monitoring of your Topshelf project in 3 easy steps.

####Step 1: Signup for a Cloud Knowvent Account and get your Client Id and Api Key.

####Step 2: Add the extension library to your project

Install-Package Knowvent.TopShelfExtensions 

####Step 3: Include a using statement at the top of your class and setup your HostFactory to use the Knowvent ServiceConfigurator extensions.

Set the 5 KnowventConfig properties below.

using Knowvent.TopShelfExtensions;

namespace KnowventTopShelf
	class Program
		static void Main(string[] args)
		    var h = HostFactory.Run(x =>                               
    			x.Service<DailyPricebookExport>(s =>                    
    				s.ConstructUsing(name => new DailyPricebookExport());
    				s.KnowventConfig(new KnowventConfig()
    					ClientId = creds.KNOWVENT_CLIENT_ID, //Your Client ID from knowvent.com
    					ApiKey = creds.KNOWVENT_API_KEY,//Your API KEY from knowvent.com
    					HeartbeatIntervalMin = _heartbeatIntervalMin, //The frequency TopShelf will send a heartbeat and the frequency Knowvent will expect one.
    					ProcessIdentifier = new Guid("38cbb979-bc3f-473b-8e54-7784563c350b"), //a Unique Guid, you pick!
    					Name = srvDisplayName
    				s.WhenStartedForKnowventHeartbeat(tc => tc.Start());
    				s.WhenStoppedForKnowventHeartbeat(tc => tc.Stop());         
    			x.SetDescription("Process for sending out companies price list");


###That is it!

Login to the knowvent portal if you want to see your TopShelf Service State. Otherwise Knowvent will notify you when you service unexpectly stops.