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A Powerful and Customizable IDE.
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Cheter-IDE Banner (a fork of Cheter by @abhay-s)

Cheter IDE is a new Electron-based code editor that allows you to code on the fly with little to no usage of storage, processing power, and other critical resources. Cheter keeps all the dependencies on your computer so you don't have to worry about the app requiring any networking at all (except for updates, of course).

Cheter is planned to have the following amazing features added:

- syntax highlighting (release date: tbd)
- themes in general (release date: soon™)
- git integration (release date: tbd)
- auto updates (release date: soon™)
- And More!

Building & Installing

Cheter is super easy to install and build. Simply run the following commands to get Cheter up and running. Simply do:

git clone Cheter
cd Cheter
npm i npm@latest -g
npm i
npm audit fix
npm start

If you prefer not to build, we have compiled EXEs, APPs, and more accessible via the releases page here.


Cheter was originally made by @abhay-s. However, we believe that the project may have been abandoned. Therefore, we decided to make this fork.

As of this time, Matt(@Incrested) has been working on Cheter IDE.

The name "Cheter" is property of its respective owner/owners. The Cheter logo and its graphics are property of Knox, Corp.; all rights reserved. The Cheter (original) code did not have a LICENSE file. The Cheter logo and banner were designed by Matt (@Incrested)

The Cheter IDE (under Knox, Corp.) code is currently asking to license this fork under a GNU General Public License (version 3). Until further notice, please attribute this fork to Knox, Corp. with a link back to our organization page on GitHub and attribute abhay-s as the respective owner of Cheter, with a link back to their profile on GitHub.

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