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A Privacy Filter like None Other
Visual Basic Inno Setup
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Quantum Security
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Quantum Security Banner (formerly known as Infiniti)

NOTE: This project is being shutdown and replaced with Cypress Security in the Fall-Winter of 2019.

Quantum Security, or QS, is a privacy filter that helps remove ads, scams, trackers, and more from your computer with the click of the button. With its amazing lists topping in with over 10,000 sources, you will know that if a site doesn't get blocked, that it will be blocked very soon. And, best of all, it's free: forever.

Building & Installing

Building QS is pretty easy. As of right now, it is built using Visual Studio. Simply open Visual Studio, open the SLN file called "Quantum Security[.sln]" and run the file as normal.

If you prefer not to build, we make compiled versions of Quantum Security on our release page here

Development and Credits

Quantum Security was developed by Incrested (Matthew) and, so far, nobody else.

Quantum Security's logo and loading screens were designed and created by cyckl (Daniel). Quantum Security's "Start", "Stop", and "In Progress" identifiers were designed and created by Incrested (Matt).

Quantum Security's code is licensed under a GNU General Public License (version 3). Quantum Security, Quantum, and Quantum Security's logo are the property of Knox, Corp; all rights reserved.

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