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Do you know of a regional conference / or run a regional conference that you would like to see represented on the KnoxDevs website? There are three primary ways, in descending preference, to get your conference added!

  1. Send a Pull Request. (highly recommended!)

New to pull requests? Here are a couple of tutorials: from Github, from Digital Ocean, from Thinkful. We have a template below to get you ready to send a good PR!

  1. Submit an issue.

Has the idea of sending a PR freak you out? Remember that if you're just submtting a PR on 1 file, you might be able to just edit the file here on Github and then propose the PR. Still, if that's too much, submit an issue above. We can step you through the change you would like to have made.

  1. Get in touch on Slack.

Has the idea of submitting an issue seem like a massive pain to just update text? Okay. get in touch on Slack with one of the many KnoxDevs members. They can help you out... if you ask nicely ;).

Template for Conferences

Below is a template you can use to add your conference to this list. Note that the file must be a YML file. We have chosen .yml as the extension, but .yaml will work as well. We probably won't accept your pull request if you do that tho ;)

Info we're looking for. You can leave any field but name and location blank if you wish.

  • Name
  • Description, capped at 50 words (forreal)
  • Online links, website and/or twitter
  • Location
name: #Conference Name

description: > # if you use 1 line, use a `>`, if you multiple lines, use a `|` here, then ensure that you indent! good yaml syntax.
    example text

online: #Online links


location: # Conference Location
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