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  • 2012-09-13

    • Split User entities into Developer, Organization and Owner, same as split for Github\User, also renamed UserManager to OwnerManager
  • 2012-09-10

    • BundleUtilsExtension#bundleActivity() now accepts date also as string
    • BundleController#searchAction() no longer returns html when query is too short if request was made in other format
  • 2012-09-07

    • Introduced new design!
    • Replaced knp-components with pagerfanta
  • 2012-08-30

    • Removed ScoreRepository#setScore()
  • 2012-08-28

    • Removed old Detectors code
    • Changed dependency of website from version 0.1 to master for KnpLabs/github-api
    • Travis now depends on Buzz
    • Goutte was removed, and finders were refactored to use Buzz
    • TrendingBundleTwitterer now depends on HWIOAuthBundle (only partially), as a addition, InoriTwitterApp and related was removed
    • Functionality of BundleActivity was merged into BundleUtilsExtension
  • 2012-08-20

    • Bundle entity property $symfonyVersion string turned into $symfonyVersions array
  • 2012-08-15

    • BundleActivityTwigExtension renamed to BundleUtilsExtension
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