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v2.6 (2017-06-09)

  • Drop support for unmaintained versions of symfony
  • Fix readme / doc
  • Add translations for id, it, lt, nl and sw
  • Improve pagination template for Semantic
  • Add support for Bootstrap 4 (alpha 6)


  • Removed Twig extenstion methods: render() & sortable(),
  • Pagination subscribers no longer depend on request scope.


  • Added method isSorted to the SlidingPagination to enable views to know if a given column is currently sorted.


  • Changed the behavior of customization for query parameters. Etc. now there is no more alias for paginations. Instead it will use organized parameter names, which can be set for each pagination as different or configured in default global scope, see the documentation and upgrade guide make sure you use twig at least version 1.5

  • If you do not wish to migrate to these new changes. Checkout paginator bundle at v2.1 tag and komponents at v1.0


  • Added support for Solarium, a PHP library that handles Solr search.


  • Joined count and items events into one items which now populates count and item result on event. This way it is more straightforward and cleaner


  • Changed event names to more distinctive. Using main symfony event dispatcher service.
  • Optimazed event properties for usage by reference


  • Recently there was a change in repository vendor name: knplabs --> KnpLabs be sure to update your remotes accordingly. etc: to
  • One-liner: git remote set-url origin