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This document will describe how pagination can be rendered, extended and used in templates. For now there's only a sliding pagination supported, so all documentation will reference it.

Overriding default pagination template

There are few ways to override templates


This way it will override it globally for all default pagination rendering.

You can override templates in configuration of paginator

Or place this parameter in app/config/parameters.yml

knp_paginator.template.pagination: MyBundle:Pagination:pagination.html.twig

Same for sorting link template:

knp_paginator.template.sortable:   MyBundle:Pagination:sortable.html.twig

Directly in pagination

$paginator = $this->get('knp_paginator');
$pagination = $paginator->paginate($target, $page);

or in view

{% do pagination.setTemplate('MyBundle:Pagination:pagination.html.twig') %}

In render method

{{ knp_pagination_render(pagination, 'MyBundle:Pagination:pagination.html.twig') }}

Other useful parameters

By default when render method is triggered, pagination renders the template with standard arguments provided:

  • pagination parameters, like pages in range, current page and so on..
  • route - which is used to generate page, sorting urls
  • request query, which contains all GET request parameters
  • extra pagination template parameters

Except from pagination parameters, others can be modified or adapted to some use cases. Usually its possible, you might need setting a route if default is not matched correctly (because of rendering in sub requests). Or adding additional query or view parameters.

Setting a route and query parameters to use for pagination urls

$paginator = $this->get('knp_paginator');
$pagination = $paginator->paginate($target, $page);

In case if route requires additional parameters

$pagination->setParam('category', 'news');

This would set additional query parameter

Additional pagination template parameters

If you need custom parameters in pagination template, use:

// set an array of custom parameters
    'align' => 'center', # center|right (for template: twitter_bootstrap_v4_pagination)
    'size' => 'large', # small|large (for template: twitter_bootstrap_v4_pagination)
    'style' => 'bottom',
    'span_class' => 'whatever'

You can also change the page range

Default page range is 5 pages in sliding pagination. Doing it in controller:


In template:

{% do pagination.setPageRange(7) %}

Choose the sorting direction

The knp_pagination_sortable() template switch automatically the sorting direction but sometimes you need to propose to your users to select the sorting direction of you list. You can add an array at the end of knp_pagination_sortable() to choose the direction.

{{ knp_pagination_sortable(pagination, 'Title A-Z', 'a.title', {}, {'direction': 'asc'}) }}
{{ knp_pagination_sortable(pagination, 'Title Z-A', 'a.title', {}, {'direction': 'desc'}) }}

(Assuming you use the default configuration value of sort_direction_name)

Query parameters

If you need to change query parameters for paginator or use multiple paginators for the same page. You can customize these parameter names through configuration or manually with paginator options.

<?php // controller

// will change "page" query parameter into "section" and sort direction "direction" into "dir"
$paginator = $this->get('knp_paginator');
$pagination = $paginator->paginate(
    $query, // target to paginate
    $this->get('request')->query->getInt('section', 1), // page parameter, now section
    10, // limit per page
    array('pageParameterName' => 'section', 'sortDirectionParameterName' => 'dir')

Or even in Twig:

    {{ knp_pagination_render(
                'queryParam1': 'param1 value',
                'queryParam2': 'param2 value'
                'viewParam1': 'param1 value',
                'viewParam2': 'param2 value'
        ) }}

Customize rendering


You can configure the position, the size, and make the buttons rounded or not:

  • position: 'left', 'centered', or 'right'. By default it's 'left'
  • size: 'small', 'medium', or 'large'. By default, size is not modified
  • rounded: true or false. By default it's false

In your controller:

    'position' => 'centered',
    'size' => 'large',
    'rounded' => true,

or in the view:

{{ knp_pagination_render(pagination, null, {}, {
   'position': 'centered',
   'size': 'large',
   'rounded': true,
}) }}
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