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Upgrade Paginator to 2.3 version

Changes to adapt to on view:

  • Pagination:

    • Before

        {{ pagination.render()|raw }}
    • After

        {{ knp_pagination_render(pagination) }}
  • Sortable:

    • Before:

        {{ pagination.sortable('Name', 'name')|raw }}
    • After:

        {{ knp_pagination_sortable(pagination, 'Name', 'name') }}

Upgrade Paginator to 2.2 version

Changes to adapt to

  • paginator option alias was removed, different names for query parameters can be set from now on see the configuration options and changing query parameters documentation
  • paginator option whitelist has changed to sortFieldWhitelist
  • regarding changes of query parameter handling, if you have extended pagination view, you will need to adapt query parameter name key usage, see default template

All these will help to use SEO friendly urls and makes it possible to inject translated parameter names into the paginator service as default options. Documentation on this part will be next in todo list.