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Rapid Application Development for Symfony2
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Latest commit ea1c684 @docteurklein docteurklein Merge pull request #213 from tonicforhealth/hotfix/twig-extension
Fix for deprecated Twig classes
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Alice Allow custom alice providers
AppBundle Allow custom alice providers
Controller Fixed mail helper controller class
DataFixtures Instantiate PropertyAccessor in construct
DependencyInjection remove some unnessecary code
Doctrine CS fixes
DomainEvent Prevented removed provider events to be ignored
EventListener fix conflict with fosrest
Filesystem CS fixes
Finder CS fixes
Flash Make flash message serializable - close #76
Form remove some unnessecary code
HttpFoundation Introduce resource resolver
Mailer Fixed mail helper controller class
ObjectStore CS fixes
Reflection CS fixes
Resource/Resolver A string is now a name argument by default
Resources Prevented removed provider events to be ignored
Routing Allowed Symfony 2.7 version
Security CS fixes
Twig Fix for deprecated twig classes
View Add a missing uses
features Allowed Symfony 2.7 version
spec/Knp/RadBundle Allowed Symfony 2.7 version
tests/fixtures Added spec on the Rad EntityRepository
.gitignore rename context folder
.scrutinizer.yml update scrutinizer config
.travis.yml Allowed Symfony 2.7 version update changelog
KnpRadBundle.php Hide App bundle and extension classes
LICENSE add Licence add changelog Use symfony dispatcher instead of doctrine one
behat.yml.dist Add goutte as default browser
composer.json Allowed Symfony 2.7 version
gh-changelog-template.tpl add changelog


develop: Build Status

2.3: Build Status

2.2: Build Status

Rapid Application Development bundle for Symfony2

Changelog generation:

npm install github-changelog
gh-changelog -t gh-changelog-template.tpl -o KnpLabs -r KnpRadBundle -s 2013-04-16 -f
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