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A simple REST Api for the knoodle-react training
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Knoodle API

This is a really simple REST Api for the knoodle project.


In order to make it work correctly you need the latest version of:

  • docker-ce
  • docker-compose


$ git clone
$ cd knoodle-react-api
$ make install-deps
$ make start

How to use it ?

This api provides simple endpoints:

POST /surveys

Create a new survey. This is an example of json body:

    "title": "My awesome survey !",
    "questions": [
            "title": "What's your favorite colour ?",
            "answers": [
            "title": "Do you like chocolate ?",
            "answers": [
                "It depends on my mood",
                "Chocolate ? What's that ?"

GET /surveys

Return all survey documents. You can filter results with the following filters:

Query String Values
by accept popularity, latest or empty (by title asc).
title string, the content you need in the title
offset integer. Default to 0
limit integer. Default 20

GET /surveys/:surveyId

Retrieve only one survey document.

PUT /surveys/:surveyId

Update a document. Same body as POST /surveys.

DELETE /surveys/:surveyId

Remove an existing survey.

POST /surveys/:surveyId/answers

Create an answer for a given survey. Json body must look like:

    "firstname": "John",
    "lastname": "Doe",
    "email": "",
    "answers": {
        "<questionId>": "The answer",
        "<questionId>": "The other answer"

Loading some fake data

You can load some dataset by running:

$ make load-fixtures

This command will load 30 fake surveys to the database.

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