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Intro to Knp Pager Component

This is a PHP 5.3 paginator with a totally different core concept.

Note: it is still experimental, any ideas on structural design are very welcome

How is it different? First of all, it uses Symfony's event dispatcher to paginate whatever is needed. The pagination process involves triggering events which hit the subscribers. If the subscriber knows how to paginate the given object, it does. Finally, some subscriber must initialize the pagination view object, which will be the result of pagination request. Pagination view can be anything which will be responsible for how to render the pagination.

Magic? no! only KISS principle

Why reinvent the wheel? Can someone tell me what's the definition of wheel in the software world?


  • Symfony EventDispatcher component
  • Namespace based autoloader for this library


  • Can be customized in any way needed, etc.: pagination view, event subscribers.
  • Possibility to add custom filtering, sorting functionality depending on request parameters.
  • Pagination view extensions based on event.
  • Paginator extensions based on events, etc.: another object pagination compatibilities.
  • Supports multiple paginations during one request
  • Separation of concern, paginator is responsible for generating the pagination view only, pagination view - for representation purposes.
  • Does not require initializing specific adapters
  • configurable

Usage examples:


$paginator = new Knp\Component\Pager\Paginator;
$target = range('a', 'u');
// uses event subscribers to paginate $target
$pagination = $paginator->paginate($target, 2/*page*/, 10/*limit*/);

// iterate paginated items
foreach ($pagination as $item) {
echo $pagination; // renders pagination

// overriding view rendering

$pagination->renderer = function($data) use ($template) {
    return $twig->render($template, $data);

echo $pagination;

// or paginate Doctrine ORM query

$pagination = $paginator->paginate($em->createQuery('SELECT a FROM Entity\Article a'), 1, 10);