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A command to load them all
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Rapid Application Development : Fixtures Load

A command to load them all

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This library uses the awesome nelmio/alice library.

Official maintainers:


composer require --dev knplabs/rad-fixtures-load:~1.0
class AppKernel
    function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            new Knp\Rad\FixturesLoad\Bundle\FixturesLoadBundle(),


        return $bundles;


Inside your bundle, you have to store your Alice fixtures files into Resources/fixtures/orm.

Load fixtures of all bundles

Just run the command

app/console rad:fixtures:load

Or if you need both resetting your schema, just add -r option

app/console rad:fixtures:load -r

Load fixtures of specific bundles

I've got two bundles, App and Api.

app/console rad:fixtures:load -b App -b Api

The order is important. Fixtures will be loaded following this order.

Use file filtering

If I run this command

app/console rad:fixtures:load -f dev

All files finishing with .dev.yml will be loaded. And just those files.

You can also chain filters.

app/console rad:fixtures:load -f dev -f test

In this case, order doesn't have any importance.

Use Alice provider or Alice processor

You just have to tag your service with knp_rad_fixtures_load.provider or knp_rad_fixtures_load.processor.

    class: My\Provider
        - { name: knp_rad_fixtures_load.provider }

    class: My\Processor # implements Nelmio\Alice\ProcessorInterface
        - { name: knp_rad_fixtures_load.processor }
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