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Addon: ExpMon

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expmon - An always-visible customizable experience bar.

expmon is an addon that adds an always-visible experience bar to the game allowing you to easily see your current experience information at all times. expmon is also highly configurable for those that wish to reskin it to look different. (This addon was made mainly as a starter addon to demonstrate the various features of rMods addon abilities with the custom UI elements within rMod.)


You can move the exp bar around while playing with ease as well. Simply press escape to open the menu so that you can see your mouse cursor. Next, hold 'Shift' then click and drag the exp bar, it should begin moving with your cursor while holding down the shift button. Once you are happy with where it is, simply let go of shift and stop dragging your mouse!

expmon Console Commands

expmon includes the following console commands:

  • /expmon - Toggles the expmon configuration editor.

The configuration editor looks like this:


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