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5. Plugins

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What are plugins?

Plugins are extensions loaded into rMod that can be created by anyone. These extensions can help enhance the features of rMod giving it even more power for modifications to the game. Plugins are written in C++ (or any language that can adhere to the plugin requirements) and are loaded through the in-game rMod console. Plugins can also be automatically loaded through the default script (default.txt).

Developing Plugins

Anyone can develop plugins for rMod as the plugin SDK is open source and included with rMod.

You can find the plugin sdk within the plugins folder of rMods main release.

The plugin interface contains a set of various interfaces and managers to allow developers to interact directly with rMod when needed, but are also loaded directly into the game process giving the plugin full access to Kingdoms of Amalur's memory.

The SDK also include several helper headers which contain various namespaces and functions to help quickly get started with common plugin development purposes.

Example Plugin Source Code

Developers can find the source code to the example plugin framework here:

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