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A ncurses based UI for calling libxdo (from xdotool) functions to simulate keypresses and mouse actions.


The concepts

The interface is slightly inspired by vim but it's less intelligent. When you start the application you get a parse-tree accepting keys by object to act on; w is for windows, m is for mouse, h is for help and q is for quit, etc. There are also a bunch of "helper" functions, such as " and ' which changes registers to use (more on that in a bit). There is also the concept of prefixes.


A prefix is data that can be used in different functions besides the values stored in registers. Prefixes always has to be entered manually and there are a couple of ways to do that. Number prefixes can be entered by simply pressing number keys before any command, string prefixes can be entered by pressing enter, entering the text in the dialog that pops up, terminating with enter or ctrl-d, and then doing the command.


When running XDO UI you have access to a whole bunch of registers, easiest of them to use is probably a-z. When doing a command you can specify two different registers, one load register and one store register. Store register is specified by " followed by one of the accepted registers, and in that case the value from the function called is stored in this register instead of being printed to the main-window. Similary the ' followed by a register changes the load register, this register can be used to input values to a function.

Example: To move the currently active window to where the mouse curser is you would do the following command "agmp"bwga'awp which can be read as following: get the current mouse position into register a, get the active window into register b, put window at position stored in register a. To but the window at the position 100x200 you could do it by calling pe100x200wp, this you could read as: enter position 100x200, put window.