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[abandoned] GTK3 Tox-Client
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GTK3-Style Tox-Client

Current build status: Build Status

Not ready for daily use ! Please wait for the first release (not alpha/beta).

Translation Status

translation untranslated
es.po 23
fr.po 23
it.po 23
ru.po 23

If you are a gettext-Master, please contact me !
I have some serious problems with this..

Questions and Answers

Why is the menu/popover cropped ?
Because you aren't using Wayland.
Can't be fixed for X11/Windows/Mac. Go ask Gtk+ why.
That said, gTox includes a popover hack...

X feature does not work...
Create an Issue or it will never work.

X feature does not work correctly on windows...
Create an Issue or it will never work.
But windows related bugs are very low priority here.

gTox doesn't work with X gtk-theme...
gTox is written for the default gtk/gnome 3 platform.
It does tweak styles a little and only really work when the default theme is used.
Depending on how hard it is to fix a "x theme" problem it might or might not get fixed.
Create an Issue.

Where is X feature ?
Create an Issue.
gTox only includes what I (KoKuToru) need/want the most.
This will hopefully change in the future.

How to install



yaourt gtox-git


Check "How to build" and make install

Or use AUR


No idea. Somehow get dependencies installed. Good luck.


Build on Linux with mingw-w64 like for Linux.
Or use this prebuild Docker-Image

Or download precompiled binaries, use at your own risk

How to build

First read
This project will need toxcore.

git clone
cd gTox
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../src

Linux Dependencies

gtkmm3, librsvg, gettext, gstreamermm, flatbuffers, util-linux for libuuid

Debug Features

gTox has special enviroment variables to help debugging

  • GTOX_DBG_TRACKOBJ=1 enable object tracking, more or less a leak detector
  • GTOX_DBG_LVL=x (x can be from 1 to 5) prints a function call tree


For comparison

Special to gTox:

  • Markup support bold(crtl+b), italic(crtl+i), underline(crtl+u)

Audio Notifications

git submodule update --init --recursive

This will download the audio files from the repository.
gTox will load these files from /usr/share/gtox/audio.
Make sure your files are correctly installed!

make install will copy the files into the right folder as long as your CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is correct.