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Adds xinput support to wine, without changing the source of wine.
Modified to use SDL2 gamepad mappings.


If you are on 64Bit you will need a 32Bit tool-chain (multilib).

You will also need SDL2 libraries and development headers installed. On 64Bit systems you will need both 32Bit and 64Bit SDL2 libraries.

 [user@host code]$ git clone
 [user@host code]$ cd koku-xinput-wine
 [user&host code]$ cmake .
 [user@host code]$ make

After this there will be a '' in the folder, and on 64Bit systems there will also be ''.


To hook a 32Bit application:

 [user@host game]$ export LD_PRELOAD=/lib-path/
 [user@host game]$ wine game.exe

To hook a 64Bit application:

 [user@host game]$ export LD_PRELOAD=/lib-path/
 [user@host game]$ wine game64.exe

To hook both 32Bit and 64Bit applications (the correct hook will be automatically selected):

 [user@host game]$ export LD_PRELOAD="/lib-path/ /lib-path/"
 [user@host game]$ wine game.exe
 [user@host game]$ wine game64.exe

Simple Elegance, without patching wine. Of course it would be wiser to put this code into wine..


You can add SDL2 gamepad mappings by putting them in file named "gamecontrollerdb.txt" and place it next to your game executable, or via the SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG environment variable.

You can find a premade gamecontrollerdb.txt with a lot of mappings here.

These mappings are not needed if you're already using a standard Xbox controller.


When the library is properly loaded, you should notice two quick rumbles sent to the controller.

When running on a 64bit system, you may see errors like this:

 ERROR: object '/lib-path/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored.
 ERROR: object '/lib-path/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64): ignored.

These messages don't necessarily mean there is a problem. They're just saying that the 64Bit hooks aren't installed into 32Bit applications and vica-versa. If you're seeing these errors and not getting the "welcome" rumbles, double-check that you're preloading the correct library.