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Open Directory Downloader

Indexes open directories listings in 80+ supported formats, including FTP, Google Drive.

Written in C# with .NET Core, which means it is cross platform!

Downloading is not (yet) implemented, but is already possible when you use the resulting file into another tool (for most of the formats).

Downloading with aria2c: aria2c -i theurlsfile.txt

Downloading with wget: wget -x -i theurlsfile.txt

If you have improvements, supply me with a pull request! If you have a format not yet supported, please let me know.


Please install the newest preview of .NET Core 3.0.


Command line parameters:

Short Long Description
-u --url Url to scan
-t --threads Number of threads
-o --timeout Number of seconds for timeout
-q --quit Do not wait after scanning
-j --json Save JSON file
-f --no-urls Do not save URLs file
-r --no-reddit Do not show Reddit stats markdown
-l --upload-urls Uploads urls file
-e --exact-file-sizes Exact file sizes (WARNING: Uses HEAD requests which takes more time and is heavier for server)
-s --speed-test Does a speed test after indexing
--username Username
--password Password

Example: OpenDirectoryIndexer.exe --url ""

If you want to learn more or contribute, see the following paragraphs!

Getting the code

For Visual Studio (Windows)

  1. Install Visual Studio: a. With workload: ".NET Core cross-platform development" b. With individual components: Code tools > Git for Windows and Code tools > GitHub extension for Visual Studio
  2. Be sure to install Git:
  3. Clone the repository by clicking "Clone or download" and click "Open in Visual Studio"

For Visual Studio Code

  1. Download Visual Studio Code:
  2. Be sure to install Git:
  3. Clone the repository:
  4. More help:

Building on Linux

  1. Install the newest preview of .NET Core 3.0.
  2. git clone
  3. cd OpenDirectoryDownloader/OpenDirectoryDownloader
  4. dotnet build .
  5. cd bin/Debug/netcoreapp3.0
  6. ./OpenDirectoryDownloader --url ""

Then, if you need to package it into a binary, you can use warp-packer

Google Drive

For Google Drive scanning you need to get a Google Drive API credentials file, it's free!

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in Project Name
  3. Change Project ID (optional)
  4. Wait a couple of seconds until the project is created and open it
  5. Click "Go to APIs overview" in the APIs panel
  7. Enter "Drive", select "Google Drive API"
  8. Click "ENABLE"
  9. Click "CREATE CREDENTIALS" in the tooltip
  10. First box pick "Google Drive API"
  11. Second box pick "Other UI (e.g. Windows, CLI tool)"
  12. Select "Application data"
  13. Click "What credentials do I need?"
  14. Enter a "Service account name" (for example "serviceaccount")
  15. JSON option is good
  16. Click "Continue"
  17. A dialog pops up, choose "CREATE WITHOUT A ROLE"
  18. The needed Json file is downloaded
  19. Rename this file to "OpenDirectoryDownloader.GoogleDrive.json" and place it in the OpenDirectoryDownloader.Google project, or place it in the same directory as the executable

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