A simple templating system, written in C.
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JETmp - A simple templating system, written in C.


JETmp is inspired by the Mustache templating system (https://mustache.github.io). However, since I have far simpler templating requirements, I wrote this tiny, fast templating system.


If you have wget, copy and paste this in your terminal (all commands on one line):

wget www.jacobuserasmus.com/jetmp-0.1.tar.gz ; tar -xzvf jetmp-0.1.tar.gz ; cd jetmp-0.1 ; ./configure ; make ; sudo make install ; make clean

Or, you may follow the steps manually. First, download the tar file here: www.jacobuserasmus.com/jetmp-0.1.tar.gz

Then, unzip the file and cd into the unzipped file. Next, run the following:

sudo make install
make clean

If you wish to uninstall JETmp, run:

sudo make uninstall


To run the program, use the following format:

jetmp template json

where template is a file and json is a JSON string.


In your template, simply put the JSON key in between {{ and }}. For example, a template may look something like this:

    <h1>Hello {{name}}<h1>

Suppose that this template file is called "template.html". Then, you may run the command as follows:

jetmp template.html '{"name":"Jacobus"}'

This will return:

    <h1>Hello Jacobus<h1>


To render another file or partial, put the file name in between {{> and }}. For example, your template.html file may look like this:


Your partial.html file may look like this:

<h1>Hello {{name}}<h1>

Your output will then look like this:

    <h1>Hello Jacobus<h1>

Another Example

Consider the ERB example found here: https://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.5.1/libdoc/erb/rdoc/ERB.html

Our template may look as follows:

From:  James Edward Gray II <james@grayproductions.net>
To:  {{to}}
Subject:  Addressing Needs


Just wanted to send a quick note assuring that your needs are being

I want you to know that my team will keep working on the issues,

  * {{priority1}}
  * {{priority2}}
  * {{priority3}}

Thanks for your patience.

James Edward Gray II

Let the above template file be called "jetmp_template".

Let us now write a script called benchmark.sh:


  "to":"Community Spokesman <spokesman@ruby_community.org>",
  "priority1":"Run Ruby Quiz",
  "priority2": "Document Modules",
  "priority3":"Answer Questions on Ruby Talk"}'

puts "JETmp benchmark:"
time jetmp jetmp_template "$json"

Make this script executable and run it to run a simple benchmark.

About Author

See www.JacobusErasmus.com