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Vuetify Algolia Places

Use Algolia Places with Vuetify.

Travis VueJS 2.x npm license


A demo is available here.


Run in your terminal:

yarn add vuetify-algolia-places

You also need to install algoliasearch and places.js:

yarn add 'algoliasearch@^3' 'places.js@^1'

Then install the plugin:

import Vue from 'vue';
import VuetifyAlgoliaPlaces from 'vuetify-algolia-places';

Vue.use(VuetifyAlgoliaPlaces, {
  algolia: {
    appId: '...', // Optional
    apiKey: '...', // Optional


Vuetify Algolia Places is still under development, so for now there is no way to specify props nor events.

<vuetify-algolia-places v-model="place" />

The variable place looks like this:

  "name": "30 Rue du Sergent Michel Berthet",
  "administrative": "Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes",
  "city": "Lyon 9e Arrondissement",
  "country": "France",
  "countryCode": "fr",
  "type": "address",
  "latlng": {
    "lat": 45.7704,
    "lng": 4.80536
  "postcode": "69009",
  "highlight": {
    "name": "<em>30</em> <em>Rue</em> <em>du</em> <em>Sergent</em> <em>Michel</em> <em>Be</em>rthet",
    "city": "Lyon 9e Arrondissement",
    "administrative": "Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes",
    "country": "France"
  "hitIndex": 0,
  "query": "30 rue du sergent michel berthet",
  "value": "30 Rue du Sergent Michel Berthet, Lyon 9e Arrondissement, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France"
Note about initial value

If you don't store this kind of object in your application, you can still pass a plain string that is equivalent to the value value, e.g.: 30 Rue du Sergent Michel Berthet, Lyon.

If this value is not null during the initialization of the component, it will automatically request Algolia API and use the first hit.

That means if place is equal to 30 Rue du Sergent Michel Berthet, Lyon, it will be automatically transformed to the above JSON object.


Name Type Algolia Places documentation
type  String Check type option
language String Check language option
countries String[] Check countries option
aroundLatLng String Check aroundLatLng option
aroundLatLngViaIp Boolean Check aroundLatLngViaIP option
aroundRadius Number Check aroundRadius option
debounce Number|Boolean Pass true to debounce for 250ms, or pass a custom delay. Default: false
custom-highlight Function See Custom Highlighting

Every props from Vuetify Autocomplete component are supported, except items, loading, search-input.sync, filter and return-object that are used internally.


Name Description Arguments
input Emitted when the user select a place @input="onInput", onInput(place) { }
error Emitted when there is an error with Algolia API  @error="onError", onError(error) { }
clear  Emitted when the user click on the clear button (used with prop clearable) @clear="onClear", onClear() { }

Custom highlighting

You can override the default behavior of highlighted search query hits via a custom function and/or slot. When using both, the returned value of your custom highlight function will become the highlight prop in the slot. Read more about Algolia Places highlight object here.

Via function

<vuetify-algolia-places :custom-highlight="someFunction" />

Via slot

Note that this slot's parent element is a <v-list-tile-content>

  <template slot="highlight" slot-scope="{ highlight }">
    <v-list-tile-title>{{ highlight }}</v-list-tile-title>