Engines using Kha

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In addition to making games Kha has been used as well for a few game engines. So if Kha is still too low level for you, or you are used to another engine check our list and you may find one that fits your needs.

  • Armory: 3D game engine that integrates into Blender.
  • Gecko2D: Cross-platform Game Framework
  • KhaPunk: Port of HaxePunk/FlashPunk to Kha.
  • Komponent2D: A component based game engine with Kha.
  • Kha2D: A simple 2D engine built using Kha.
  • Trilateral: Drawing lines & shapes with triangles
  • Kala: A 2D game engine powered by Kha.
  • Wyngine: Barebones 2D game engine for Kha.
  • Sdg: 2D Engine for Kha.
  • Micro: Small 2d engine inspired by Pico-8
  • Plume: 2D game engine for Kha
  • Mobile: Library to manage mobile games in Kha
  • n4: n4 is a minimal Kha-powered 2D engine.
  • n4e: n4 extension library
  • Pongo: Cross Platform ECS Game Framework
  • Mokha: 2D game development framework
  • Khambe: Port of Flambe working in Kha
  • Kvell2D: 2D game engine written in Haxe & Kha
  • Twinspire Core: Provides a utility layer over Kha for easier application development.
  • Dia: Lightweight game framework for Haxe

Engine examples

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