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Kodein DI todo list


Suspending factories

Factories (such as factory {}, provider {}, singleton {}, etc.) should take suspendable functions as parameter.

This would enable code such as:

Kodein {
    bind<UserList>() with singleton { api.userList().await() }

This is a major change, as retrieval functions must also become suspending functions. Therefore, we need to provide a way for blocking retrieval to be as easy as



TornadoFX is a JavaFX framework for Kotlin.

It uses some kind of IoC for binding views, components and controllers. These bindings could be integrated to Kodein, especially through the externalSource feature.

Further more, Kodein could provide special scopes for TornadoFX (controller, component, etc.).


Ktor is a framework for building asynchronous servers and clients.

Kotlin could provide special scopes for KTor servers (session, request, route, etc.).


Cocoa Touch is the Core Framework on iOS.

Kotlin should provide the same kind of services on iOS it provides for Android. Namely: a module to retrieve core services and scopes for MVC controllers (ViewController on iOS).

Furthermore, Kodein is currently incompatible with Obj-C & Swift and requires a facade. This must be addressed.