NetworkManager integration in Emacs
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Progress [57%]

  • [X] Set WiFi interface
    • [X] List WiFi Interfaces
    • [X] Filter out device names
    • [X] Autocomplete device names
  • [X] List available access points
  • [X] Connect to AP
    • [X] List configuration files
    • [X] Connect using existing configuration
  • [ ] Create new configurations
  • [X] Secondary connection for VPN services
    • [ ] Make VPN persistent to profile
  • [ ] Disconnect profile
  • [ ] Match active profiles on startup


To see all available networking commands, issue

M-x nm/

and select an item from the list of autocomplete options.


nm/list-access-pointsList available access points
nm/list-active-connectionsShow the active profiles
nm/show-wifi-statusShow WiFi status
nm/set-interfaceSet default interface (and VPN)
nm/connect-basicConnect to a new network
nm/connect-with-profileConnect to wifi with an already configured network profile
nm/connect-vpn-profileConnect to VPN with an already configured VPN profile

Run ERT unit tests

To run the ERT tests run the command in the box below. Functions with interactive is not tested.

emacs -batch -l ert -l nm.tests.el -f ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit