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Whether you need some help using the components, or just looking around, this section will provide you the guides and reference you need to develop an app.

For further and personalized help, consider checking out our community.

Get Started

If you are new to Kodular, we strongly recommend checking out the Guides Tab.

Start by searching what you need using the search bar at the top. You can also consider checking out Components or Blocks.

What is Kodular?

Kodular allows you to create Android apps easily with a blocks-type editor. No coding skills required. With the Material Design UI, your apps will stand out.

Useful Links

This is the page you're going to use to build apps. This is main app that allows you to create anything you want with a Material Design UI.

My Kodular is the Control Panel of your Kodular account, you can view and manage your data and projects created with Kodular Creator in a comfortable and simple way.

Using the community, you can get help related to your questions about Kodular. Even submit your ideas to help improve Kodular or even report bugs you've experienced during your app development session. Community has so many users that help you, this means you will get a proper answer to any question of yours in minutes.

This is Kodular's service for you to create your own extensions and distribute them.

Using Kodular Store, you can publish your apps to a specific store where only Kodular apps exist.

Using the Status Page you can check which services' of Kodular is working or in Maintenance. If you cannot use a service of Kodular, you can check using this page if the problem is related to your local internet or the Kodular Server.

Quick Start

Watch a quick tutorial below to learn more about developing an app with Kodular.